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We Offer Real Estate Contract Services for Individuals and Businesses

Regardless of the type of contract, most real estate agreements involve a significant value of residential or commercial property. For some people, the biggest contract of their lives will be a real estate purchase agreement. Whether proceeding with the purchase or sale of a home, the lease of commercial property, or the investment exchange of like-kind property, it is important to have a knowledgeable real estate lawyer on your side to make sure your deal goes through without a hitch and that your interests are fully preserved in the contract.

At Stebelton Snider, we not only have experienced real estate attorneys with comprehensive experience handling residential and commercial property agreements, we also have our own title company, SAS Title Agency Ltd. to make things go more smoothly in both residential and commercial transactions. Contact our Lancaster real estate contracts attorneys for sound advice.

Have Our Experienced Counsel on Your Side in Contract Matters

Our attorneys have extensive experience assisting individuals, families, and businesses in all types of real estate transactions and litigation. As such, we have the knowledge and in-depth experience needed to provide effective assistance to clients involved in various types of real estate contracts. We work closely with clients to understand their objectives in any real estate matter, and we assist them with all aspects of real estate contracts:

  • Contract review: We carefully review purchase and sale agreements, lease agreements, and other real estate contracts that have been proposed to clients to ensure ambiguous language or unfair terms do not jeopardize their rights or interests.
  • Contract negotiation: We assertively negotiate fair real estate agreements that favor the interests of our clients, whether they are purchasing a new home or are signing a commercial lease agreement.
  • Contract drafting: We draft real estate contracts that clearly define rights, obligations, and other terms, and are fully in alignment with the goals of our clients.
  • Contract disputes: When conflict arises regarding an existing purchase and sale agreement or other real estate contract, we offer timely, efficient, and effective representation to resolve the real estate dispute through mediation, arbitration, or litigation.

We are skilled at handling real estate contracts and issues involving purchase contracts, purchase options, easements, deed preparation, title transfers, rights of first refusal, commercial leases, zoning and land use, and other real estate matters.

We Help With Complex Matters Involving 1031 Exchanges

Stebelton Snider provides knowledgeable, effective legal advice and representation to clients in matters involving 1031 exchanges. We assist investors, business owners, and other clients in achieving their investment goals through capital gains tax deferred exchanges. Our attorneys help clients understand if property qualifies for a 1031 exchange – business property purchase and sales, like-kind personal property exchanges used in business or trade, and certain other property – and we represent their interests in reviewing, negotiating and drafting property exchange agreements between clients and their exchange agents (the qualified intermediary). Our law firm handles 1031 exchange matters involving the investment property, replacement property, and relinquished property.

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