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Resolve Your Marital Property Issues Effectively

As an equitable distribution jurisdiction, Ohio does not require a strictly even division of marital property between divorcing spouses. Instead, it assumes an even division as a starting point, and makes adjustments from there in order to arrive at a fair division.

As you can imagine, marital property division is an inexact science at best, and divorcing spouses are usually better off resolving property issues through negotiation rather than through contested court hearings. That does not mean you need to make unreasonable concessions. To learn about the best ways to protect your interests on property division issues, contact an experienced divorce attorney at Stebelton Snider in Lancaster.

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You can benefit from our experience with property issues in divorce cases of all kinds. We can advise you about situations like:

  • Questions as to what is included in the marital estate
  • Effect of premarital or postmarital agreements
  • Division of assets that are hard to value, such as family businesses or interests in closely held corporations
  • Division of pension, retirement, or investment accounts
  • Division of marital debts
  • Division of tax debts, credits, deductions, and other attributes
  • Balance between property division and spousal support issues
  • Questions as to the completeness or accuracy of financial data provided by your spouse
  • Recovery of assets improperly transferred out of the marital estate

Our lawyers not only will take the time to explain how Ohio’s equitable distribution approach to property division will affect your interests, we will also apply our experience with the different court practices you can expect to encounter depending on the county where your case is filed — Muskingum, Perry, Fairfield, Licking, Athens, or Hocking.

Call Stebelton Snider for Advice About Marital Property Division Issues

At Stebelton Snider, our skill both as negotiators and courtroom practitioners can help you achieve a positive outcome in the distribution of marital assets and debts. For more information about our approach to client service on property issues in Ohio divorce, contact our office in Lancaster at 740-654-4141.