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At Stebelton Snider, we offer trustees, executors, personal representatives, and guardians one-stop client service on the full range of questions that can arise during their fiduciary service. The scope of our trusts and estates practice runs the spectrum from basic intestate administration to sophisticated advice for institutional trustees. Contact our office in Lancaster to learn more about the ways you can benefit from our experience.

While our lawyers advise many executors on estate administration matters in probate court, our emphasis on trust practice is a distinctive feature of our firm’s work. We help corporate and individual trustees find the right solutions across a range of trust administration problems:

  • Responsibilities of successor trustees under living trusts upon the death of the settlor
  • Incomplete transfer of title into living trusts
  • Interpretation of trust terms
  • Termination of trusts and distribution of assets
  • State and federal trust income tax returns
  • Form 1041 fiduciary returns
  • Private settlement agreements to keep disputes with or between beneficiaries out of court
  • Declaratory judgment actions to clarify or define the trustee’s responsibilities on disputed issues

When Ohio enacted its version of the Uniform Trust Code in 2008, the responsibilities of trustees throughout the state changed substantially, especially with respect to notice and reporting requirements. Our attorneys are thoroughly familiar with the new law’s provisions and can explain how they affect your duties.

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Stebelton Snider advises local and out-of-state fiduciaries on trust matters, estate administration, and probate litigation problems. For additional information about the scope of our trusts and estates practice, contact us in Lancaster at 740-654-4141.