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We Can Represent You in Business, Commercial, and Corporate Litigation

At Stebelton Snider, our business litigation clients have benefited from the combination of practical business experience and sophisticated trial strategies that our lawyers have provided since 1978. To learn how we keep the focus on your business needs while working toward a favorable outcome in your dispute, contact our office in Lancaster.

Versatile Trial Attorneys, Comprehensive Client Service

The ability to hold another party to its contractual commitments in court represents substantial leverage at all stages of a business transaction. We use our litigation experience to support our business advice, and our business experience to help point the way toward the resolution of disputes. Our civil litigation practice extends to such matters as:

  • Real estate disputes
  • Commercial collections
  • Breach of contract claims
  • Employment and severance litigation
  • Regulatory and administrative hearings
  • Partnership or shareholder disputes
  • Shareholder derivative claims
  • Construction litigation, including defects and warranty claims
  • Business torts, such as fraud or material nondisclosure
  • Local, state, or federal tax disputes

As experienced trial lawyers, we are up to the challenges of complex business litigation. We also know that different clients have different litigation needs and objectives. Our recommendations will always reflect your circumstances and long-range goals as well as the demands of your immediate dispute.

Contact Us For Long-Term Advice Or Assistance With A Single Matter

We represent litigation clients both as part of a general counsel relationship and in freestanding engagements. For additional information about our ability to achieve your litigation objectives through negotiation, mediation, or trial, contact a trial attorney at Stebelton Snider in Lancaster, Ohio, at 740-654-4141.