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Helping Creditors Collect the Money Owed to Them

At Stebelton Snider, we understand the importance of dependability and efficiency in debt collection matters. We help creditors from all over the country collect debts in Central and Southern Ohio. We know how creditors can benefit from reliable, cost-effective collections counsel who understand state and federal fair credit regulations and the most effective ways to convert claims into recovery.

Asserting Creditors’ Rights With Integrity Since 1978

To learn how our experience with collections and asset recovery can reduce your exposure to uncollectible claims, contact Stebelton Snider in Lancaster. Our attorneys advise and represent creditors on such claims as:

  • Consumer collections
  • Commercial collections
  • Mortgage foreclosure
  • Replevin or claim and delivery actions
  • Garnishment
  • Attachment and recovery of assets in post-judgment proceedings
  • Equitable relief to prevent the dissipation or transfer of assets by the debtor
  • Liquidation of collateral on behalf of secured creditors
  • Resolution of disputes between creditors with conflicting claims to collateral
  • Pursuit of assets in the hands of affiliate transferees or successor entities

Call For Assistance With Collections or Protecting Your Claim in Bankruptcy

We also represent creditors in bankruptcy court on secured claims, unsecured claims, and unexpired leases. Our lawyers know how to protect your claim and your access to any assets securing it through relief from the automatic stay, cash collateral agreements, or even objections to discharge.

With more than 40 years of commercial collections experience, our lawyers can advise you about effective strategies in individual cases and sound practices that avoid fair debt collection violations in volume debt collections operations.

For additional information about the scope of the collections practice at Stebelton Snider, contact us in Lancaster at 740-654-4141.