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Get Legal Advice on Oil and Gas Contract and Tort Issues From Experienced Attorneys

The law firm of Stebelton Snider advises clients about all aspects of oil and gas development in southern and eastern Ohio. We represent property owners, drillers, well operators, and anyone else who needs help with their mineral rights on productive oil or gas land both in Federal and State Court. Contact our law firm in Lancaster to learn how you can benefit from our experience.

On the contractual side, we negotiate, review, and document oil or gas leases throughout the state. We know how to apportion responsibility for well maintenance, land restoration, and royalties accounting. Our familiarity with the standard terms in Ohio gas leases — including free gas to the landowner — can protect you from any nonstandard contract terms that might work against you.

Our attorneys also advise parties to oil and gas leases or development contracts about matters ranging from easements to insurance coverage. We can help landowners manage tax liability and even help protect your family’s security through estate planning solutions. If you need advice about the transfer of an interest in a lease or productive land, we can guide you through that process as well.

As experienced trial lawyers, we can enforce and protect your interest as a landowner or lessee. We can handle both breach of contract actions and tort claims related to nonpayment of royalties, improper maintenance, property damage, right of way violations, or other problems that might arise in the course of your relationship.

Our personal injury experience also allows us to represent people who are injured by fires or explosions at the wellhead, along a pipeline easement, or at abandoned wells.

Contact Our Office to Discuss Your Matter

Stebelton Snider offers comprehensive client service for anyone involved in the Ohio oil and gas industry. Contact our law firm in Lancaster at 740-654-4141 to learn how we can serve your needs and protect your interests.