Employment Law

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Employment Law

At Stebelton Snider LPA, we use our thorough knowledge of state and federal employment law to help both employees and employers. The goal is always to help the client ensure that the workplace follows the law. For businesses, we can integrate advice about personnel policies and compliance into a general counsel relationship. Our employment lawyers can also investigate specific complaints of harassment or discrimination on behalf of employers and advise them about the best ways to meet any litigation exposure.

Additionally, our Lancaster employment law attorneys advise individual contractors, professionals, and executives on matters ranging from the negotiation of employment contracts to the enforcement of severance agreements. Stebelton Snider advises and represents individual employees on workplace rights claims, including claims arising from discrimination or harassment in the workplace.

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Proactive Employment Law Advice From Skilled Attorneys

We advise clients across the full spectrum of employment law issues, including the best ways to avoid problems and resolve disputes with respect to:

Let Us Review, Negotiate, or Draft Your Severance Agreement

Representing both employers and employees, our attorneys offer sound counsel in the review, negotiation, or drafting of effective severance agreements. We ensure the terms of the severance contract address the important issues for your specific situation including compensation, noncompetition, nonsolicitation, trade secrets, and the client lists. We craft contracts that preserve the interests of our clients — whether we are assisting the employer or employee, such as an executive, contractor, or other business professional.

Contact Us for Proactive Employment Law Services for Businesses

Our Lancaster attorneys advise business clients on matters ranging from employee handbooks and HR training to federal litigation. Our experience with basic and complex employment issues can help you streamline your daily operations, avoid liability, and generally resolve employment issues.

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