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Experienced Legal Advice About Forming Your Business

The business lawyers of Stebelton Snider advise small and mid-sized businesses about the full spectrum of legal issues from initial formation and registration to contract review, employment law, collections, and litigation. With more than 40 years of service to local business, our law firm understands the importance of a continuing relationship between a company and its legal team. To learn how we can help you reach your business goals while avoiding and managing risk, contact us in Lancaster.

Business Formation and Entity Selection — Planning for Sustained Success

Self-service websites have made it easier than ever to register a new business with the State. However, a website will not guide you through your legal obligations and next steps as a new business owner, help you choose between business entity alternatives, or help you balance such factors as management flexibility, regulatory risk, tax treatment, and potential for growth.

At Stebelton Snider, we make sure that each business client benefits from our law firm’s experience with management and governance issues, daily operations, real estate matters, corporate finance, and business sales and purchases. While the main point of business formation is to insulate personal assets from business risk, we can make sure that your partnership, corporation or LLC is set up to support your specific long-range objectives while reflecting your current needs and circumstances.

We do not just set companies up and forget about them. We will send you a yearly reminder about the registration, reporting and compliance requirements that apply in your situation, whether you need to file a report with the Secretary of State or document an annual meeting in the corporate minutes. For some clients, that is all the contact they need with us. For others, we act as general counsel on every transaction, business dispute, or major decision they encounter. Most clients work with our law firm at a midpoint between these extremes.

Our clients include companies from many industries, ranging in size from sole proprietorships to $250 million corporations:

  • Construction contractors
  • Trucking companies
  • Franchise outlets
  • Manufacturers
  • Real estate agencies
  • Property management companies
  • Family retailers, restaurants and taverns
  • Professional practice groups

Find out how a continuing relationship with a seasoned business attorney can serve as an important asset for your company. Contact Stebelton Snider in Lancaster, Ohio, at 740-654-4141 for more information.