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Tax Consulting for Individuals, Trusts, Businesses, and Estates

Stebelton Snider offers experienced tax law consultations and services to individuals and businesses in Lancaster as well as throughout Central and Southern Ohio. Our tax law services encompass legal matters such as preparing and filing tax returns for estates, trusts, and decedents; completing 1031 tax deferred exchanges and advising individuals and businesses facing a state or federal tax audit.

For a tax consultation with an experienced, knowledgeable, and personable Lancaster tax law attorney, contact the law firm of Stebelton Snider.

We Provide a Variety of Tax Law Services in Central Ohio

Our tax law services encompass issues such as:

  • Tax returns for estates, trusts, and decedents: Our attorneys offer experienced and resourceful guidance to individuals, families, executors, and trustees involved in the administration of a loved one’s estate or trust. Our services include preparation of estate tax returns, gift tax returns, income tax returns for trusts, and final income tax returns for decedents. Additionally, we can assist with filing prior returns that may be necessary before an estate can be closed. We work to handle tax matters efficiently and effectively, so that clients can move on with their lives.
  • Revenue officer interviews and IRS audits: If you have received a letter inviting you to a “revenue officer interview,” it is critical to consult with an experienced tax lawyer right away. Our tax law attorneys understand the anxiety many people experience when facing an IRS audit — regardless of the accuracy of their tax returns. An experienced Ohio and IRS audit attorney can answer your questions, prepare you for what to expect in the interview, and advise you on how to best protect your interests through the interview. Our tax lawyers provide the assertive, experienced representation you need through the IRS audit process. In certain situations, we work to negotiate offers in compromise, installment agreements, and other options to minimize liability for tax law violations.
  • 1031 exchanges: Our law firm offers the real estate law and tax law experience to handle section 1031 tax deferred exchanges effectively. We work with buyers, sellers, and qualified intermediaries to ensure that exchanges involve qualified properties, thorough exchange agreements are drafted, and exchanges are completed as smoothly as possible. We offer knowledgeable tax advice regarding the advantages and disadvantages of a 1031 exchange in your situation and address any concerns you have throughout the legal process.

Additionally, our law firm offers business tax planning services to business owners and entrepreneurs. We carefully analyze the nature and objectives of a particular business operation and recommend the best entity choice to meet those goals with minimal personal and tax liability. Our law firm also handles ongoing tax matters for businesses in Ohio.

Our tax law department is headed by Matt Johnson, a tax attorney with a Masters of Law in Taxation (LLM). Our lawyers have extensive knowledge of state and federal tax laws and bring a comprehensive understanding of the tax issues confronting clients. Our firm integrates sound business and tax advice into our work on behalf individuals, trusts, businesses, and estates.

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To learn more about our tax law services or to discuss your situation with an experienced lawyer, contact our office in Lancaster at 740-654-4141.