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High-Asset Divorce Demands Experienced Representation

Our attorneys at Stebelton Snider understand that individuals facing divorce are confronting difficult issues — legally, financially, and emotionally. These issues are often compounded when significant assets or complex property is at stake. Our law firm emphasizes open communication and strong attorney-client relationships. This enables us to clearly understand the issues involved, your goals for resolution, and the dynamics of your situation.

Our thorough understanding of your situation, our dedication to keeping you actively engaged in decisions throughout your divorce case, and our comprehensive understanding of the interconnection of family and tax laws in a high-asset divorce enables us to obtain better results for clients. Contact our Lancaster high-asset divorce attorneys at Stebelton Snider to discuss your case.

While individuals facing a high-asset divorce will face the same issues of property division, child custody, support, and other concerns involved in a traditional divorce, our family law attorneys understand that high-asset divorces often involve a number of other complex issues such as:

  • Business valuations
  • Multiple pieces of real estate (such as vacation homes or investment properties)
  • Employment-related stock options
  • Deferred compensation
  • SEP’s, IRA’s and retirement plans
  • Other unique property concerns

Our family law practice is led by attorney Gerald Stebelton, specialists in Family Relations Law, certified by the Ohio State Bar Association’s Family Relations Law Specialty Board.

Our practice focuses on achieving solutions through methods that work for our clients, whether through litigation, collaborative law, negotiation, or mediation.

Lancaster Attorneys Who Understand Your Business Valuation Needs

For many people facing a high asset divorce, there is often a business or professional practice that must be taken into consideration in the distribution of marital assets and liabilities. Not only is an accurate business valuation necessary to proceed with property division issues, it is important to identify the goal for how the business should be dealt with in the divorce — do the parties want to sell the business, offset business assets with other assets in distribution, or proceed with another outcome?

Using Collaborative Law Methods to Resolve Issues Effectively and Economically

When a divorce involves complex real estate properties, a family business, or other highly technical property or financial matters, it is important that both parties fully understand the nature of the issues being discussed — not just the party that regularly handles matters pertaining to the business or property.

Many times, collaborative law methods enable parties to achieve fair resolution more effectively in divorce cases that involve complex property issues, difficult child custody matters, and other delicate issues. Unique from traditional negotiation or mediation, collaborative divorce methods often involve child experts, neutral financial advisors, counselors, and other specialists that can answer questions objectively and work with the parties to suggest solutions that are fair, minimize tax exposure, and maximize asset protection for couples in high-asset divorces.

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